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Tyrants of Chaos is an original traditional metal band from Western Canada. Their live show is dynamic and never fails to get the crowd on its feet, whether it's a 300 seat tavern or a 5000 seat festival. Fresh from the release of their debut CD,

"The Calm Before the Storm" on TOC Records, Tyrants of Chaos is enjoying international airplay, streaming and acclaim for their powerful initial offering. They are playing select live gigs now and hope to play near you soon!



The Tyrants of Greed rule the land. Gaia has been stripped bare, her lakes poisoned and the yellow land eroded. Ash and chemicals filter the relentless sun. Sealed in protected enclaves in their glass towers, high above the clamor, the fat Tyrants of Greed order the masses to their bidding. Electronic music to motivate work is free for all. Instruments for the masses are banned. To and fro the minions toil, day after day, for scraps from the lofty tables above, never questioning their lot in life. Those that do, pay highly and are silenced quickly. Great machines heave their thick smoke and mindlessly troll the land for what riches are left, constantly fed by fuels cracked from deep in the rock.


Gaia is dying.


The Tyrants of Greed are oblivious, living for the moment in luxury with their distilled water, their guarded greenhouses of rare plants and fruits not seen by most in years. A few hardy souls have escaped the machine and scratch out a subsistence out in the wastelands. Hand built instruments play outlawed sounds and pockets of freedom stir. Disease and starvation keep them from being overly much for the Tyrants of Greed to be concerned with. The vast majority accept their fate. They slave and feed the machines, subdued by approved music - playlists formulated in the towers - of digital rhythms and auto-tuned samples. They drone. They droneā€¦


Five road warriors rise up from the dust with one mission: to stir the minions from their stupor, to throw chaos into the Grande Machine and destroy the Tyrants of Greed. These are tyrants of a different measure. Tyrants that would save Gaia! With ancient wood and steel instruments in hand, these metal bards eschew the digital Pablum being handed daily to the masses. They will play the arcane sounds of the old gods, of Maidens and Priests, and again worship the Sabbath! They will make these sounds anew, in their own image - for a new day - and wake the sheep from their long sleep. Awake! Arise! The Tyrants of Chaos are here!


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